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Fertty International – Webinar

All you need to know about IVF and Egg Donation in Spain.


How to get ready for IVF/Egg donation abroad during quarantine?

The impact of lifestyle and diet on ART outcome

Dr. Maria Arque, Medical Director at Fertty International answers patients’ questions about lifestyle.

How can I get prepared for fertility treatment during the quarantine

Dr. Maria Arque explains what fertility patients can do during the quarantine and COVID-19.

Qualification for IVF donation – IVF Webinars

Dr Arqué explains which are the medical tests that all couples or single mothers need to perform before starting an egg donation treatment, in order to increase the chances of success.

Exclusive donor, what’s better? – IVF Webinars

Dr Arqué explains what is the best guarantee a clinic can give you for success in a fertility treatment.

Carrier screening test – IVF Webinars

Dr Arqué explains what is the carrier screening test, and how important it is to detect possible congenital diseases that could condition the baby’s life to come.

The implantation window

Dr Arqué explains to us what the implantation window is, why is it so important when performing a treatment and on which factors it directly relies.

Dr Arqué answers

Alicia Tio Castro of Med Anwers asks Dr. Arqué, medical director of Fertty International, the most common questions patients ask about habits, doubts and fertility treatments.

What is behind an assisted reproduction treatment?

Andreia Trigo, founder of InFertile Life, explains that feelings and doubts arise for many couples or single mothers who are considering an assisted reproduction treatment and how she addresses these issues with her patients.

Pre-treatment tests here or in the patient’s country?

There are two ways to organize the tests prior to your assisted reproduction treatment and Dr Arqué will explain you both.

Egg donation treatment characteristics in Spain

Dr Arqué explains the differences existing in the Spanish legislation on egg donation as compared with other countries.

Your fertility clinic in Barcelona

Dr. Esther Velilla, CEO and specialist in reproductive medicine at Fertty International speaks with Case Goldstein of MedAnswers about affordable egg donation abroad and the unique treatments and programs provided by Fertty International.